TFO Member


Name: Beau Deveraux
Age: 24
Gender: male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 185lb.
Eye: blue
Hair: blond
Group Affiliation: Task Force Omega
Base of Operations: New York, NY
Power Level: 12
At first impression, people think Beau is just a pretty face. Once they get to know him, they realize his mind is much more fascinating.


Beau Deveraux was on a high school trip in New Orleans to help with some rebuilding work after Hurricane Katrina in 2006 when a group of his friends decided to do a tour of the French Quarter. As they were enjoying the shops, sights and stories, one of his friends thought it would be fun to see a voodoo shop. As they were in the shop, something slightly hidden in a case caught his eye, and he reached out to examine it. As he did, he was scratched by some other object in the case causing him to jerk his hand away and accidentally smashed a small glass vile that spilled its rust colored sand on his hand. The shop keep rushed over to see what happened, and assured him that everything was ok and not to worry about any damage, for she did not know what had truly been in that vile.
That evening, as Beau was trying to sleep, dreams of fire, snakes, blood and smoke filled his mind; it was like a movie or a memory, but he knew it was not his…it belonged to Madame Dauphine de Sedella.
Over the course of the next few months, more and more visions came to him and then whispers started to fill his head. At first he thought he was imagining them, but as he concentrated he soon was able to pick up that they were “secrets” of others.
He was able to look at a person and the whisper would tell him all sorts of information about the person. He wanted to know if the whispers were correct so he asked his best friend about his “secrets”. His best friend was in shock, as no one, knew those “secrets”.
Beau began researching his new gift and it filled every moment of his being. Then one day, the whisper asked him a question. “What year is it?” It seemed odd that he would think of that question, but as he thought of the year he heard, “Thank you mon chéri”, and thus the relationship with Madame Dauphine was started. Throughout the next few years, he learned of the powers he had and the powers that Madame Dauphine was able to work through him.
He trusted her completely and this allowed her to use him. One day, before death takes him, she would use this trust to complete a spell she started several hundred years earlier.


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