Member, Task Force Omega


Secret Identity: Vestalynn Carver
Gender: female
Age: 24
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120lb.
Eye: bright blue
Hair: blond (blue, when transformed)
Group Affiliation: Task Force Omega
Base of Operations: New York, NY
Power Level: 12

Vesta is sassy and sexy. She holds men in the palm of her hand, and her demeanor runs from sweet vixen to razor wit bitch. Like all southern girls, she is always beat. Makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, she’s always ready for the runway. She is always at ease in any social situation. If you’re on her radar, she will have you or dice you to shreds:)


Growing up in Savannah

Georgia was a joy for tiny Vesta. Her parents, George and Rowina Carver,were and are still the foundation of her good humor about the world and dealing with the forces of evil. She doesn’t take life too seriously in the sense that she is not deluding herself about her importance or her station. Vestalynn Carver was not brought up to be a snob. She was raised in laughter, love, good food, and Chatham Artillery Punch. Her father worked in textiles and did very well for himself until retiring. Her mother is the true meaning of a hostess. She was the person to call for luncheons, Christmas parties, gatherings for the ladies who play bridge. This woman was a force when it came to entertaining. Although, she was an only child, the extended family was massive. She had cousins with cousins and aunts and uncles and greats and great-greats. Vesta was a happy child, and she was bound for the university and a nice life in big business, until the day of the accident that would change her life forever…

One small misstep…

On a balmy July night, Vesta, now 16, was picking up her new beau, Dillan Bonaventure, from work. Although, she was exhausted from a camping trip the previous night, she had made this trip a dozen times. Dillan worked for Savannah Electric and Power, and she was especially fond of coming to get him, due to her fascination with this sort of engineering. She wanted to do what he did for a living. She wanted to be an engineer. On this particular night, the wind was picking up. It felt like a storm was brewing. Vesta felt the first droplets of rain on her cheek, as she entered the building. Dillan was waiting for her in the control room. He explained to her that he needed to move a truck into the garage on the property, because of the storm that was coming. Vesta insisted that she go with him, and Dillan knew that arguing with her would be futile. As they exited out the back, the wind blew the rain with a driving force. The fence that surrounded the yard was swaying violently and the trees were moving with each torrent of wind. They ran to the truck and Dillan pulled it quickly into the garage. They were both laughing about being drenched by the downpour, when it happened. The fence was ripped out of the ground and connected with an exposed generator. Sparks flew out and up, and Vesta took one step away from the fence, while staring at this spectacle. The fence was uprooted at the end of the yard and began wrapping towards her—the wind quickening it. There was nowhere to go, so she tried to get closer to the garage. The fence was around her in seconds, and she felt the hum of the generator. The fence hit her with such force that she was launched in the air and landed squarely on the generator. The electrical explosion was impossibly large and Vesta was in the middle of it. The explosion was so intense that the metal and earth melted a crater. Vesta opened her eyes to see that she was inside this ball of energy. She was strangely alive and feeling the energy around her build. She was so overwhelmed by what was happening that she fainted…
A Whole New World

Vesta woke up in the hospital to her mother crying, her father holding both of them, and a stunned Dillan Bonaventure. All she could say was, “Well, good mornin! What the hell happened? Am I wearing clean panties?” She looked at her hands and arms and felt her hair, but nothing was amiss. She was perfectly fine. How was that possible? How could she survive such an explosion? What did it all mean? And why was Dillan looking at her so strangely? Why wasn’t he comforting her? Just then he said something strange, “I saw it all fall on you and explode…there’s no way you could have survived. It’s impossible.” Dillan ran out of the room, and that was the last time she saw him. Vesta’s parents were so happy their daughter was alive and well. The next day she was released and ended that day with a trip to Savannah Electric and Power. She wanted to see what happened, and she wanted to try to piece what happened to her and why she wasn’t even bruised from the explosion. The debris was contained in a small perimeter around the melted metal crater that was formed in the center of the explosion. Vesta felt what Dillan had said was true, but she didn’t know how. She wasn’t one to believe in miracles or some divine presence intervening on her behalf. Then she realized something. She could feel the energy all around her. She felt the low hum of electricity in the cables and generators. She felt currents moving around in those cables, and she felt a current inside her body that felt the same. She stretched out her arm and extended her fingertips—her hand began to glow bright blue and lightning flew from it in the side of the garage. She was pulsing with power. She felt like her body was lighter, like she had nothing holding her to the earth—no gravity. She pushed off from the ground and remained there, hovering like a helicopter. She knew these new found abilities would have to be hidden from the world. That summer was her first piece of independence, and she got away as often as she could to test her powers and push her limits. After college, Vesta moved to New York and landed a job with the New York Electric Company LLC. She also fights crime as part of the Task Force Omega team…



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