Task Force Omega

Task Force Delta
Hero Life in New York


New York, NY

Soho Headquarters—Mercer Building 4th Floor
We are Task Force Omega
Red Phantom (magic|mental,) Vulcan (Fire Elemental,) Mythara (super assassin|magic blades,) Livewire (Electricity Elemental,) and Anadonis (Powerhouse Nacho Connoisseur)
We find out that three key group members, including the leader, Capatain Atom, have been methodically killed, and each crime scene has involved a plasma weapon of some sort.
Deathlist: Captain Atom (blown up in his car) Sailorman, and Cheetah Girl—evidence: scorch marks from some energy weapon
Red Phantom is our new leader
Mythara wants to kill kill kill the assassins of her love, Captain Atom
Vulcan is somber and sad
We discuss options for finding the assassins and decide to stage a dinner at Vulcan’s place in Brooklyn, after deducing that the unknown assassins are attacking by quadrant
Brooklyn, NY
Vulcan is shadowed by Mythara and Ana, and Red Phantom is shadowed by me.
We arrive and dinner goes as planned with no interruptions
As Red Phantom and I board the subway to Manhattan, the shit at Vulcan’s gets real real quick
Mech Suits with big guns start firing on old ladies and Vulcan’s apartment, Ana drops the nacho cheese and saves the old lady, I travel on the currents inside the burning apartment and save Mythara, although she is badly wounded.
Vulcan is nowhere to be found in the debris
Ana subdues one of the mech-suits and the other gets away
Ana stabilizes Mythara’s wounds
Ana jumps into the burning building and saves Vulcan
The police arrive and Red Phantom assures us that his contacts will take good care of Vulcan and Mythara at the uptown hospital
Red Phantom explains that the mech0suit is a sophisticated, partially organic, automaton
He continues his research on the mech-suit and I notice a red blip on the radar monitor..a radar blip that is centering itself on our headquarters
We find Red Phantom in a pile on the floor in front of two mech-suits and a strange metallic brain-ball that tries to control our minds
We regulate and Red Phantom disappears
We both decide it would be a good idea to check on the other members at the hospital, but before we leave, Red Phantom contacts us via com-link and tells us to stay put and wait for him to return
We do not stay. We are off to the uptown hospital to see if Vulcan and Mythara are alright
It’s a Trap
I do recon and find the automatons performing some sort of bio-metallic surgery on our friends
I fail to see the tesla coil that draws me into a small tube and would have been trapped in a cobalt cylinder that would obviously trap me for good…I get away
I tell Ana about the trap
I travel through the electrical wires and begin shutting all power down to the hospital, while Ana pulls the fire-alarm and watches the mass exit from the building
We regroup and an explosion on the side of the building produces five automatons moving in a synchronized pattern towards us
Lady Liberty flies past us and starts to kick ass
We mop the floor with the lot of them and Lady Liberty assumes command of Task Force Delta
Mythara and Vulcan are in stable condition and begin their long recoveryNYC-skyline.jpg

Recap 2
Enter Deja and Orchid
We are joined by a blond Adonis and his spirit visitor, Madame Delphine—this sassy oracle is ready to share her visions but to what end
A strange pink skinned female called Orchid also came to join Task Force Omega at the behest of Lady Liberty
We have a new list of super powered enemies, including The Magus (an alien megalomaniac with aspirations of conquering the world) Antipose (radioactive poisoning powers who infected Lady Liberty, who is aging rapidly)
Lady Liberty
As her condition worsens, so too are her faculties and grip on reality degenerating quickly
She explains that we are having a meeting with the infamous villain Antman in two hours, and he is going to spill the beans about Antipose. Antipose supposedly asked him to do things that even he wouldn’t agree to
Enter Antman
60 years old with a Captain Pickard look to him
filled with sarcasm and snide remarks
sweating and nervous
Lady Liberty drew up an agreement and Antman signs it
he tells us that Antipose is planning to poison the Manhattan water supply
he told us that Antipose was hold up in a locked up condemned hangar in White Plains, Connecticut
Antman is detained in a cell and we discuss the facts and our plan
We decide that going to Connecticut would be a bad idea
Antman starts to unscrew his hand, which is obviously some sort of delivery device for whatever radioactive poison Antipose has concocted for TFO headquarters
We have to get everyone out of the building and contain the gas
I teleport via the outlet to the h-vac system in the building and stop the flow of air
Ana saves, or attempts to save, Vulcan and Mythara
Deja uses his telekinesis powers of awesomeness to shroud Orchid, Lady Liberty, and himself in a bubble of water—Genius and super cool
We evacuate the building, but unfortunately, Vulcan is dead and once again Mythara is stable but infected with the poisonous gas
Cock Size
Enter Antipose Legion and Animus
I quickly scan the hotel next to our building and find Antipose entering the lobby and Legion and Animus watching us in one of the rooms in the building
Legion fires red lasers from his sword at me and I hurl lightning bolts from my fingertips and totally incapacitate him
Deja throws a mind blast at the pair
And Ana starts pounding them and making shockwaves
Antipose comes from nowhere with blinding speed and sprays some crazy green mist that stuns me
we eventually win the fight and Antipose runs away
Enter Ted Miller
Media mogul arranges for us to be set up with a trust and a facility that will be used as our new underground headquarters
We move in and notice a light on in the building
I investigate and we find a late 20’s super geek called Gai-Jin
Gai-Jin is an obvious nerd that has never laid naked with a girl, and he is seriously smart with some major high tech gadgets and a super technomancer.
We post up in sleeping bags and POOF!
Six Months Later
We stop some minor crimes
Minions keep pairing us down more and more
Rumors of Antipose working on a zombie formula to raise an undead army are circulating
Mythara is recovering well
The Magus is accumulating wealth
We have a Fortress of Solitude and Zack is playing a speedster


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