Super Villain


Antipose is apparently human judging by the portion of his face which is exposed. The rest of his body is covered in armor which looks to contain a breathing apparatus. According to a former cellie, an industrial accident rendered Antipose unable to breath without help but also gave him unusual abilities.

Antipose was a mission before his accident and unregulated chemicals in Uganda were spilled as he saved some children. The affects of the chemicals not only changed his body but his mind.

Antipose is one of many villains to take advantage of the severe degradation of TFO.

A few weeks ago Antipose was cornered by Lady Liberty. His last ditch chemical attack rendered her unconscious and diseased. Antipose then used helpless Lady Liberty as bait and distraction while he robbed First Bank NYC successfully.

Known Abilities:
Chemical Attacks
Super Speed (limited)



Task Force Omega Texan