Gaijin 外人

TFO Member


Life was difficult from the beginning from Gaijin. In early childhood in Minneapolis he earned a reputation as a “gremlin”. Technology had a way of breaking around him before he even knew of his innate technomancer abilities much less control them. This earned him many beatings among his peers.

Gaijin’s mother was offered a promotion and transfer with Reuters global news service in Tokyo. She accepted thinking that the Japanese culture might be more suited to her fragile young son. She was wrong. Gaijin was once again tormented and ultimately called “Gaijin” (outsider) by his classmates that the name stuck.

Once Gaijin learned to control and use his affinity for technology in combination with his incredible intellect he decided to use them for good. Shortly thereafter he received his first assignment request—join TFO.

Known Abilities:
Super Intellect
Control Technology


Gaijin 外人

Task Force Omega Texan